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The official Twitter plugin for WordPress has arrived. The new plugin has a lot of great features to help business owners grow their following.

A few of the features include:

  • Twitter Cards are automatically created for your web pages.
  • You can customize the embedded Tweets to match your sites design and theme.
  • You can add a Tweet button to your posts.

The Official Twitter Plugin is available here for free.

You can also read the full release on the Twitter Blog >> The Official Twitter Plugin for WordPress is Here.


Dr. Christopher Emdin uses hip-hip to teach kids from low socioeconomic backgrounds how to love science. The media places a lot of attention on the negative aspects of hip-hop, I am happy that Dr. Emdin found a way to highlight our culture in a positive light.

You can learn more about Dr. Christopher Emdin and his teaching strategies on his website  but first check out the video below!


Social media is a great way for you to release current and compelling content that will allow you to connect with your audience.
Social media is about building relationships and growing your email list by offering great content. The goal is to give content away that is so useful that people would pay for it.
Please remember, we don’t use social media just because it’s the cool thing to do. As a business owner you want to work on setting up a funnel so you can monetize your efforts.

Social media has changed the world. The way we market and communicate will never be the same. I want to help your business create an amazing social media strategy.

Social media has a lot to offer and it is a great medium that allows you to turn your fans and followers into brand ambassadors. You should use social media because that is where the consumer are. Consumers run to social media to get their information because it is quick engaging and easily accessible. The many benefits of social media marketing include:

  • Increased exposure
  • Increased traffic
  • Accelerates your growth of your brand
  • Your business can self publish
  • Use word of mouth marketing to your advantage
  • Develop a following of loyal fans
  • Generate leads
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Find like minded people
  • Increase your opportunities for business partnership

Would you agree it is time for you to get social the correct way? Signing up for a free account and throwing up a few tweets will not cut it. You need to implement proven strategies and techniques that will help your brand grow.

I am here to help you streamline your marketing efforts and capitalize on the time you spend on social media. Over the years I have had the opportunity to help many entrepreneurs in service based industries use social media to grow their brand. I would like to share with you 5 Amazing Social Media Techniques that work across every major platform.

How  to (1)

5 Amazing Social Media Techniques That Work on Every Major Platform

1. Develop a Social Listening Ear

Social listening is the process of finding posts, tweets, and status updates that matter to your brand and industry. If you want to access a market you have to participate in relevant conversation. Social media is nothing but live conversations between millions of people around the world.Listen to your competition, the industry changes, what is trending and lead opportunities. The goal is to use social listening to solve a problem or answer industry specific questions

Participating in the conversation is also how you build awareness and make a name for your brand. Awareness leads to interest, and interest leads to demand. Provide value with actionable, educational, relevant, and sharable content and you will be recognized as an industry leader.

How to Develop Your Social Listening Ear?

Each social media platform has a way to search. I recommend searching keywords in your industry and read what people are saying. By searching keywords you will find questions, problems, and users that are interested in your niche. Jump in, and answer a question and provide your expert advise. Remember it’s OK to talk to strangers on social media.

2. Engage

Engagement is about connecting with the consumer in ways that were not possible before social media. You want to:

  • Talk to other users
  • Make the customers feel special
  • Tell compelling stories
  • Be authentic
  • Help customers (customer service)
  • Ask audience to share

There is a difference between being on social media and actually marketing on social media. A lot of people use social media to connect with friends and family which is fine but as a business owner you have manage your time effectively. If you are not engaging, it will be hard for consumers to find you. 

3.Integrate Inbound and Outbound Marketing Techniques

Inbound marketing is when the consumers are attracted to you through your content and personality. Once the consumer begins to trust you they are more likely to buy. The beautiful thing about social media is consumers will tell their friends about their experience, and the cycle will continue. This is the new word of mouth marketing and with social media your reach can be further than you ever imagined.

Outbound marketing is going out and placing your message in front of consumers with paid media. Examples Facebook ads, Google PPC, and sponsored ads.

Remember you are interested in forming relationships. The goal is to bring the consumer off of the social media platform and into your sales funnel. You need to have a very tight funnel on the backend so that you can strategically introduce consumers to your products or services that you have for sale.

Social media ads allow you to amplify your message by promoting successful content. You can better target your audience, split test, and measure your efforts.

Currently my favorite platform for ads is Twitter. I have seen a great return on investment when I ran an ad to create brand awareness. You can pick the type of accounts you want to target and control the cost.

4. Automation

You can manage your workflow with a few simple automation techniques. Automating some of the more repetitive tasks related to social media can help you be more productive and efficient. Some post ideas that can be automated are:

  • Links to your blog posts with a RSS feed
  • Links from other interesting topics you find online  
  • Questions to your community
  • Interesting quotes and inspiration

For example Facebook has an option to schedule posts for the future. Try and for your social media automation needs.

5. Measurement

You are working hard and staying on top of your social media content now it is time to measure your efforts. I recommend establishing measurements of success by starting with your business goals. Determine if your day to day activities are getting you closer to your goal. Don’t be afraid to change things up, social media is always changing.

Don't want to navigate social media alone? Find out how I can help clear a path for your success by contacting me here .


You are running in circles.

You want to grow your business, but you are not sure how social media fits into the equation.

You second guess your current approach and feel lost in the crowd.

I understand your struggle and I am here to help you use social media for everything that it is worth.

I will cover 3 small mindset changes that will help you add value to your social media marketing.

The Social Media Mindset

First, here is how your brand can benefit from social media marketing:

  • Increased exposure
  • Increased traffic
  • Your business can self publish
  • Word of mouth marketing at its best
  • Develop a following of loyal fans
  • Generate leads
  •  Improved search engine rankings
  • Reduced marketing expenses
  • Improved sales
  • Find like-minded people
  • Increase your opportunities for a business partnership

If any of the above results sound like something your brand can use, keep reading.

Social media is huge because people from all over the world, with different backgrounds ideas and views use it because it is quick, engaging, and easily accessible. Social media is the platform that allows business owners the opportunity to hear the consumers voice and join the conversation. A smart business owner makes it their priority to be present in the conversation when the consumer wants to have it.

Think about it…… If twenty years from now your target market decides they want to live on another planet and shoot laser beams back at Earth to communicate. How will you adapt?

  1. Complain that, this is not how things used to be.
  2. Learn how to shoot lasers beams
  3. Not sure

If you want to stay in business ... I recommend learning how to shoot laser beams. If you fail to change with the consumer your business will get lost in the dust. Social media is still growing but it has proven itself a necessary tool for communication and a critical skill in many industries.

So you don’t get lost in the dust here are 3 mindset changes that will benefit your social media marketing

Mindset Change #1

Don’t focus on your numbers!

I know, I know everybody wants a lot of followers but if that is your only focus you are missing a major benefit of social media, word of mouth marketing.

Your focus should be on connecting with and building relationships with people in your target market, industry and niche. Who cares if you have 5,000 followers if none of them are interested in what you have to say.

To attract valuable followers determine how your business can help, serve and or make something better. Add value and the right people will notice. Social media is great because it allows you to hear the consumers, voice, opinions and concerns daily.

Be genuinely interested in your target market

Mindset Change #2

YOUR, Personality!

It is easy to fall into the comparison trap on social media. Of course you see your competition but don’t focus on them and their every move. Who has time for that? You have a business to run! Business is competition, understand that and move on.

Focus on what makes you, YOU! And what makes your brand different. Share your personality, morals and values. You will attract like minded people. Being yourself is how you can naturally separate yourself from the competition.

Mindset Change #3

Step outside of your comfort zone, the timing will never be perfect.

Some business owners get stuck in the middle. You know that social media can benefit your brand but it is hard for you to take action. Yes, I know there are a lot of bells, whistles and moving parts but don’t feel defeated before you put forth a consistent effort.

Think in terms of building a community, reaching out and connecting. You have a message to share or a product to sell, your goal should be to reach as many people as possible and social media can help. Don’t get stuck not doing anything.

Social media is here to help you connect with your target market. I promise if you begin to focus on these small mindset changes your brand will reap the benefits of social media marketing. 


Focus on Your Author Platform (1)Let me guess: You are frustrated with your online marketing results and don’t know how to use it to grow your local business. I wrote this blog post to help you out.

First, I want you to consider:

What exactly do you want your business is to be known and recognized for?

Online marketing is a very effective tool that can help you penetrate the business world. My goal is to help you understand how social media, customer service and digital marketing working together can encourage business growth.

Please, avoid this common mistake:

Many local businesses make the same mistake the jump on social media without a plan of action. They are new to online and social media marketing and have no plan to learn and grow. This is the fastest way to social media overwhelm.
Social media should work with your current marketing plan and not against it. As a business owner your goal is to find ways to boost your local marketing by always keeping the customer in mind. It is a simple mindset that is often overlooked.

The customer always wants to know W.I.I.F.M What’s in it for me?

Tweet: The customer always wants to know W.I.I.F.M: What’s in it for me? #CustomerService #TimbosTips

Tweet: The customer always wants to know W.I.I.F.M: What’s in it for me? #CustomerService #TimbosTips

Yes, you are a business owner but remember you're a customer first, so look at your marketing attempts from all angles.

Does it make business sense and does it make customer service sense?

Here are 4 tips that can help your local business grow:

1. Take Advantage of Social Media

The consumer is very active online so using social media correctly can benefit your business efforts. Use social media to:

  • Create brand awareness
  • Establish customer loyalty
  • Promote upcoming events
  • Advertise coupons and sales
  • As a customer service tool

Now is your opportunity to make use of the different social media platforms. Find out what platforms your potential clients use and develop a strategy to reach them. Study the sites and study your target market. You will be surprised at how much you can learn about people from the casual conversation that social media is used for. I can’t stress enough that establishing a social media strategy is super important. It is easy to get overwhelmed so if you are a beginner don’t feel pressure to be on all the platforms at once.

2. Your Website

Believe it or not your website is part of offering a great customer experience. Your website can be one of the first interactions a potential customer has with your business.
If you have a physical location show it off! Make sure the address is easy to find and has a clickable link for directions. Don’t lose business because your location is hidden on your website.
Links to your social media sites should also be easy to find. We know the consumer is Internet savvy and they want information quickly. Why make them search for a link to your Facebook page or Twitter account? Many consumers are using their mobile device so keep that in mind too. They want to connect with your business but not if it requires a lot of work on their behalf. Make the process simple and concise. Every website is different but placing your social media buttons close to the top and in the sidebars are ideal for most sites. These areas are considered hot spots because website visitors naturally look there.

3. Encourage Reviews

Word of mouth marketing is the reason why social media is so huge. Here are some stats to consider:

84% of consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family and friends about products – making these recommendations the information source ranked highest for trustworthiness. [ Nielsen ] 

On social media, 58% of consumers actively share their positive experiences with a company, and ask family and friends for their opinions on brands. [SDL]

88% of people have their reasons for trusting online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts. [BrightLocal] 

  • 32% do so if there are multiple customer reviews.
  • 30% give them equal trust when they believe the online review is authentic.
  • 26% say it depends on the type of business.

You can't force someone to give you feedback but you can definitely encourage reviews. People want to share both good and bad experiences. I like reviews because they keep both the consumer and business accountable. As a business owner you will only push for reviews if you know you are making a habit at excelling at customer service. You would not tell customers to review your business if the majority of your products or services don’t meet the minimum expectations.
Reviews also tell you what part of your business message needs to change or what you should focus on. I can go into more detail on reviews in a different post, but ultimately people want to know what to expect when they spend their hard earned money with you. The key is to focus on your product or service and you will see it pay off in the future. Dont worry about what people say, instead focus on the customer experience.

4. Local Listings

Yelp and Google Local are your friends. These sites can help people looking for the products and services that you offer find you quickly.

Critique your current listing with the following questions:

Is your listing accurate? Did you include all the important information? I recommend that you make sure your name, address, website, and contact number are listed properly. Directing your customers to a wrong business address will be a loss for you and consumers will jump on the opportunity to leave negative feedback.

Get more tips on how to merge social media, customer service and digital marketing into a strategy that works for you, set up a free consultation here.


Focus on Your Author Platform
The process of marketing a book online can be overwhelming for many authors. Some authors run to social media without a strategy and end up disappointed with the results. They forget social media is all about forming relationships with like-minded people.
You have a message to share, and in order to reach the most people you need a plan. To become a successful author you should begin to focus on building your unique author platform. Your author platform consists of a loyal community of people that are eager to support you, your brand and your message. Currently, the most effective way to build an author platform is through social media.
It does not matter if you are already published or still looking for an agent or publisher. You should always look for ways to increase your readership. Great marketing is how you can improve your following.
Social media makes it possible for unknown authors to publicize their books at a low cost and become successful. You have full control over marketing your book and you should take advantage of it. It is important that you take your social media and internet marketing serious by investing in your online presence.
If you still want to pursue the traditional way of publishing, you should still focus on building your unique author platform. Publishers have a strict budget and wont spend money on promoting an author that has no following.
Social media is not a quick fix marketing technique, a successful author platform is build from being consistent and relevant in your niche.

To build a successful author platform you should:

Define your target market

Take the important steps to define who you want to reach with your book.Once you narrow down on who you are writing for everything will start to make sense.
Your target audience will give you ideas for unique ways to market and promote your book. Remember you are here to build relationships.


Your blog is your home base, this is the best way to establish an online presence. Social media is always changing and you never want to put all your marketing efforts on a platform you don’t control. As an author, you should make blogging a part of the routine. By producing your own content you are able to drive traffic to your website, reach new readers and engage with your current readers.

Understand the magic in building your email list

Setting up a email list is a even better way to connect with your target audience. Remember to always find ways to drive traffic to your original content.
Your email list will allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. When a fan opts into your list they are telling you they want to hear from you. Email is a great way to share your upcoming events, progress with your book, discounts and you can also drive readers to a new blog post. A consistent newsletter will help your brand stay top of mind.

Set up a Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy does not have to be complicated. The most important factor is that you stay consistent. Social media gives your brand social proof. It is not all about the followers. You should focus on making relevant connections and your following will grow in line with your business opportunities. Stay focused and remember to give yourself time to learn new technology and tools.
Now it is time to make some moves! Think about what you can do to reach out to more people. It is never too soon to start building a successful author platform.
It is important that you stay consistent on any social media platform that you decide to use for marketing. Once you start creating consistent content for your audience you will tap into the power of social media marketing; which is word of mouth.

When done correctly Social Media can:

- Build brand awareness: You will start to establish a following of brand ambassadors, they will support you and your business.
- Attract Other Business Opportunities: When you have a large social following people assume ,“He/she is doing something right."
- Help you showcase what makes you different.
- Keep you in business!: Times are changing and as a smart business owner you should adapt. Many brands are not making profit because they refuse to incorporate social media into their current marketing plan. My warning to you is Don't get left behind!

5 Steps for Social Media Progression


Social Media has changed the marketing game for large and small businesses. Social media can have an huge effect on your business growth. Social Media Examiner, recently released their 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report and the results proves that 92% of merketers indicate that social media is important for their business, up from 86% in 2013. Many marketers know the importance but they are still struggling to monetize their efforts.

Word of mouth marketing is now a Facebook post or a twitter conversation between friends. We all heard the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” well now it's “What happens in Vegas stays on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on.

It is important that business owners implement a social media plan. An effective social media plan will work cohesively with your current business marketing plan. If you are one of the marketers currently struggling to find value in your social media marketing, don’t give up there is still hope.


5 Steps for Social Media Progression

    1. Produce Your Own Original Content

Maintain a blog, YouTube channel, or Podcast. This is where you will connect with your audience. Your blog is the center of your online identity. That is where you should be updating your audience with content that is new, relevant, and compelling for your particular industry.

Building a following does not happen overnight but now is a great time to start. #TimbosTip Tweet This

Building a following does not happen overnight but now is a great time to start. #TimbosTip [Tweet this!]

There is a lot of competition and by producing your own original content will allow you to showcase what makes you different.

Be honest with yourself and stick to a schedule. I a lot of entrepreneurs say, “I will blog 3 times a week” but they never do because they have no time. Of course frequency is important but be realistic. It is better to publish one piece of consistent material a week vs. nothing at all.

No excuses, you make time for the things that are important! {Tweet This}


    2.Don’t compare yourself to everybody else

You don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes of other brands. Yes, they may have a lot of followers but keep in mind, we all start at ZERO! I recommend focusing on creating a system that works for you and attracts your best client. Why are you in business? What problems do you solve? Why should anybody listen to you?


   3. Move Fast But Stay Focused

Shiny object syndrome is a terrible condition. We have all been there. Everyday something new is being released that, “will change the game!” Don’t fall for the hype. In the beginning stay true and focus on your current social media platform. The ability to resist shiny objects will be in your best interest. Once you have a strong foundation you can try all the shiny objects at your leisure.


   4. Take Your Blinders Off

Your potential clients are online. You should be aware of your surroundings so you can see potential pain points and jump in with a solution. You should also use social media as a way to stay current in your industry on social media.

When you take your blinders off you will see what social platforms are effective in your marketing strategy. Don’t try to be everywhere at once. Find the people that have a need for your products and services and direct all of your marketing efforts toward them.


   5. Engage, Engage, Engage

Anything that you share should be engaging. Engagement is about connecting with the consumer in ways that were not possible before social media.

You want to:

  •      Make the customers feel special
  •      Tell compelling stories
  •      Be authentic
  •      Help customers
  •      Distribute across multiple channels
  •      Ask audience to share

Set time aside to like, retweet, share, comment on other profiles in your industry.

In the comments below, share your tips for social media progression. It's a jungle out there! 



Extend Your Reach with Local Marketing


It is no secret that running a business is hard work. You have to consider all available options to reach and win customers. Creating an effective marketing strategy requires a strategic approach. I recommend stepping outside of your box and go out and attend a local event. It is fun to join your fellow businessmen or have interactions with your colleagues and target market. It is a fact that you can learn from others and attending a local event might open your eyes to different ways to grow your business.

Attend with an Open Mind

Speakers from different events are always the one who survived from hardships and knows the ins and outs of business. You can learn from their experiences to establish your own name. Show a genuine interest in learning and the attendees will notice.

Don’t Forget to Plug Your Business  

You can make others interested if you talk about your business in local events. Of course do it tactfully and not with an ‘all about me’ approach. You can create interest with the listeners and tell them to follow up with you via your website or social media. Just don't be shy mentioning what you do and what problems you solve in your niche.

Look for the Press

The press is in attendance to get the experiences of the attendees. Be sure to express your feelings about the event, you might have a chance to be featured which is definitely a win for your business.

Build Connections

The most important part of joining local events is building connections. You want to take your relationships to the next level. The connection can be another business or a potential customer; just remember to use your resources and be a valuable resource for others. You can boost your local visibility and build your local traffic by throwing local events into your marketing strategy.

Things to Consider

When you join these events, you should make sure that you are geared with the following:

Powerpoint presentation of your business. This will come in handy if you need to present your stuff impromptu.

A lot of business cards – Of course, you need to have your contact info so you can easily hand it over to your prospects.




Pinterest Storytelling

Pinterest is a growing social networking  and bookmarking site that allows users to share and store their passions and interests. If used correctly Pinterest can help you reach your target market and grow your brand.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner attempting to use social media to market your business Pinterest may give your business a dash of inspiration. With so many businesses online that offer the same products or services it is imperative that you find  unique ways to reach your target audience. Brands should communicate with their target audience by being interesting and relevant so that you can inspire them to take action.

The best way to breakthrough the social media noise is to share your unique story. On Pinterest you can use high quality images to share your story visually.

Before you jump into using Pinterest for business I want you to have a clear picture of your unique story and who you are telling that story to. 

What is a Brand Story?

Your story consists of the feelings, facts and interpretations associated with your brand. Each element of your business is a part of your brand story and each element should represent what you stand for. If you want to build a successful business you have to share your story with the world.

Storytelling is the "New' Marketing

With so much noise on the Internet is is extremely difficult to establish a loyal fan base. It is not a secret, people connect and remember each other through stories. If you don't tell your brand story then you can't differentiate yourself from competitors. Business should be about how you can help people while establishing a brand that people care about. Focus on connecting with your target audience so that you can form lasting relationships with like-minded people. Your unique story is how you connect with your target audience, it is the foundation of your business. An effective brand story will reveal what makes you different from the competition, build customer loyalty, increase brand awareness and grow profits.

Telling your story should be fun! The goal is to reach your audience on an emotional level. Below I listed some questions that will help you discover your brand story.

What is Your Story?

Who are you?

What is your mission?

What problem does your business solve?

What values match up with you and your services?

What path did you take to get where you are today?

What inspired you to pick this industry or niche?

How can you successfully set yourself apart from competitors?

How is your product or service different than others?

Favorite hobbies, books, movies and music?

Know Your Target Market

Who is your ideal customer? (Demographics)

What inspires them?

What are their favorite hobbies, books, movies, and music?

What role can your brand play in their lives?

What does your target audience struggle with? What do they need? Can you help them?

What do they say about your competitors?

Visual Storytelling on Pinterest

Pinterest has become a great platform for brands to visually tell their story. Consumers prefer pictures over long blocks of text. Consumers are starting to communicate with pictures and because of that the entire web is becoming more visual.

Images drive emotion, that is why it is critical that you establish your own unique brand story to tell via images. Brands that show their human side resonate with consumers. Pinterest is a powerful platform because it focuses on board themes which allows brands to express their creativity.  Now that you have an idea of the story you want to tell go create a Pinterest Board that highlights your story.

Storytelling is an important part of marketing. By discovering your own unique story, you can begin reaching your audience on a deeper, more meaningful level.

What are some steps  you took to discover your unique story?




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