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I am available to speak on community engagement, safe streets, and social media

Urban Bike Consulting

Ready to Roll Out? If you've been thinking about biking but your not sure where to start, I would love to help. I worked in a bike shop as a sales rep and mechanic. I also cycle for transportation. I will walk you through choosing a bike that fits your needs. We also go over accessories, cycling routes, and safe cycling tips. Think of this as your crash course to Urban Cycling. My team and I take the worry about doing it right or getting the right equipment and get you rolling while your excited.  

Web Design

We made this website with a few clicks here and there. We can help.

Art Direction

We create and identity proper strategic methods to grow your business.

App Development

We can make a mean App. But it gives us a mean appetite for McDonalds.

Digital Marketing

Your company or idea needs help to grow. Luckily we can help you.


We do it, and we do it well. We take some great photos I tell you.

Coffee Making

We make the best pots of coffee on Wednesdays from 2-4pm.