U-Locks on Pretty Bike Racks



This is my, “I installed my first public bike rack” dance. I helped my good friend through bikes, Juaquin Anderson install a few of the racks on the West End of Atlanta. I was able to install racks in front of businesses I regularly support or pass on my bike adventures.

I helped with the:

West End MARTA: My closest MARTA station which is a mile from my house. Sometimes MARTA is smarta and I love having multi modal options.

The Good Hair Shop: We went to install this location at night. Kiyomi, the shop owner was so nice and excited for the bike rack install. She said she usually allows her clients to bring their bike inside the shop. We immediately clicked and she became my loctician after that visit.

Gallery 992: An arts and events center. There is always so much life coming out of this business. They have a lot of poetry, jazz and community building events.

The bike rack installation was part of The Mural Bike Rack project by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Services programming. The bike shaped bike racks were painted by 18 local artists. The bike racks have been installed at 18 different locations in the City of Atlanta.

The racks are an awesome addition to the city. Each location is unique and complements the growing city of Atlanta’s interest in alternative forms of transportation.

The racks are so nice that I’ve heard that people are hesitant to actually use them as bike racks.


Mural Bike Racks Installed around the City of Atlanta




Interview Jauquin

Do You Know Bike Law?

This was after Atlanta Streets Alive in September. One of the lawyers/ attorneys saw me rolling around the event without a helmet.

He helmet shammed me if thats a word

We all know we will justify anything to get our way. I didn’t wear a helmet bc I really do believe when you bike enough you become one with the road and cars.

If you see somebody without a helmet:

Ask if they need one? Don’t just assume?